Article 78 against NYDFS
A lawsuit against the executive branch overreach and the Abolition of the BitLicense.

The appeal has been filed.

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    The Bitcoin Foundation has created a special BTC wallet to assist with raising funds for the necessary legal fees to continue challenging these regulations. The Foundation will disburse amounts from this wallet on the presentation of invoices for legal fees incurred in this matter and signed off by Chino.

Adam Kokesh: Important Day in Court for Bitcoin and Morpheus Titania Jailed for 7 Months.(24 minutes)

Bitcoin: Chino sees pattern in Fed arrests.(23 minutes)

Bitcoin Uncensored: Theo Chino talks Bitlicense, What is Bitcoin, and the state of local bitcoin in 2017.(82 minutes)

Chino vs. NY BitLicense - Exclusive Interview with Lead Attorney Pierre Ciric.(12 minutes)

Thierry Philipponnat next to Jed Rakoff.(1 minute)

At DEFCON 25, EFF's Director denies support the ULC Bitlicense regulations.(5 minutes)

WBAI 99.5 FM: Off The Hook () - Emmanuel Goldstein (), RobT Firefly (), BernieS, Kyle, volt4ire () and Alex () from 2600 () explaining this article 78 lawsuit. (18 minutes)

Full show on 2600's website: (Air Date: March 29th 2017)

Pierre Ciric explain Article 78 to Bitcoin Engineers in NYC. (8 minutes)

Corp Cru and Whitebox (): Theo Chino Guest Appearance "art meets technology" Blockchain event. (8 minutes)
Corp Cru and Whitebox: Nick Spanos on why to donate. (1 minute)
Excerpt from Ben Lawky at Cardozo Law School. (1 minute)

Bitcoin Uncensored's Stage B: At the 2017 North American Bitcoin Convention. (23 minutes) ()

Cardozo Law School: Asking Ben Lawsky about his comment on Bank in the Garage. (6 minutes)